Humanitarian Programme

The CHM Humanitarian Programme explores the relationship between power, politics, moral obligation and emergency health interventions, specifically in relation to supranational institutions, the state and NGOs. A key focus of the research theme is on investigating the consequences for humanitarian efforts of an increasingly interconnected world.

Prof Didier Fassin from the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, has been appointed to a Visiting Research Professorship at the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine. Prof Fassin trained and practiced as a  physician and holds a doctorate in anthropology. In his work he has developed an ethnographic approach to study critical public health issues within socio-cultural and political contexts. As Visiting Research Professor, he spent time at the Centre over a period of three years, working with faculty in both Arts and Medicine to develop the CHM Humanitarian Programme. Prof Fassin visited the University of Hong Kong between 2011 to 2013.

Forthcoming Activities:
- Details of Humanitas 2019 coming soon

Past Activities:
- Humanitas 2013, from 22 April to 30 April 2013

- Seminar on Sex, Gender and ICD-11: what to do about all those people down there in Blocks 64-66 by Dr. Sam Winter

- Humanitas 2012, from 21 May to 28 May 2012

- Public lecture on When Humanitarianism Goes to War on 11 May 2011

- Lunchtime seminar on Global Health and Conspiracy Theories on 13 May 2011

- The Art of Humanity: A Public Conversation