CHM Book Series

The Centre for the Humanities and Medicine publishes occasional papers, as well as an annual newsletter.
In 2013 the Centre produced the first CHM book in collaboration with Hong Kong University Press. Click to preview Imperial Contagions: Medicine, Hygiene, and Cultures of Planning in Asia.

Over the last few decades there has been an increasing focus on the intertwining of scientific knowledge and political power. The CHM - Hong Kong University Press collaboration, co-edited by Dr. Robert Peckham and Dr. David M. Pomfret, aims to extend this work in significant new ways. First, by providing a fresh focus on the Asia Pacific region. Second, by suggesting new analytical tools and methodologies for exploring medicine and science as forms of socially produced knowledge.

CHM publications will promote cross-disciplinary exchanges between fields such as the history of medicine, science and technology, and the social sciences, to offer fresh perspectives on the interrelationship between medicine, science, power, and culture. The focus is on exploring contemporary practices and institutions from an historical perspective in order to shed light on the material foundations of knowledge, and on the ways in which scientific norms are shaped by and constitutive of social order. The CHM series will publish original, cutting-edge work by leading authors and emerging talent. The aim is not only to advance existing research, but also to develop new areas of inquiry. Books published by CHM and the University of Hong Kong Press will be of interest to academics in the fields of history, the medical humanities, science and technology studies, the social sciences, as well as policymakers and readers with interests in Southeast Asia and comparative studies. In addition, the series will be invaluable to both undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in the social and political contexts of medicine and science.

For further information, please contact Dr Robert Peckham.