Communicating with Patients in the Genetic Counselling Setting in Hong Kong

An international workshop, The University of Hong Kong, 24-26 July 2010

poster(Co-organized by the Department of Linguistics, the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine, the School of English, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.)

Language plays a crucial role in the counseling of patients with genetically inherited disorders. This international workshop aims to draw attention to the importance of language as a key tool for healthcare professionals in delivering quality counseling services. Distinguished Scholars and healthcare providers will reflect upon specific aspects of genetic counseling, including patient-centered care, patient informed choice, and non-directive approaches to counseling. Attention will also be paid to the particular issues and challenges relevant to genetic counseling in Hong Kong. Participants will consider whether Hong Kong can yield transferable insights that may help to improve services elsewhere.

Invited speakers included: Prof S. Sarangi (Cardiff University, UK), Prof A. Clarke (Cardiff University, UK), Dr Alison Pilnick (University of Nottingham, UK).

For further information about the workshop, please visit the website for the workshop or contact Dr Olga Zayts.